WorkSafe. How safe is your workplace?

How we designed a website to help make workplaces safer.

About the project.

We created an interactive site to promote safety in the workplace and help create an open, positive dialogue around the topic. The self-assessment site was initially just targeted to employers to assess how safe their workplace was and where there was room for improvement, including things they may have never before considered. It soon grew to become a toolbox for employees too, housing fact sheets and other resources.

Animated video component

In addition to the website, we created an animated video to demonstrate the key features of the How Safe is Your Workplace website, and how to use it.

This animation was showcased at WorkSafe Health and Safety Week, an industry conference at MCEC. Our video animation was on LED screens in the foyer area of the event, on loop all day, and was then used across social media campaigns.

Content as navigation

We worked with WorkSafe to create topics so that users could move through the website with things that interested them.


No dead ends

We made sure customers could easily pursue a line of enquiry at the end of each survey question by providing ‘learn how to improve’ links.