Wellways. Website redevelopment.

How we helped make essential mental health services easier to access, navigate and understand.

About the project.

The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has changed the way people access mental health and disability related services in Australia. For Wellways to continue to provide essential services in a changing and newly competitive environment, they needed to not just re-design their site but re-organise, re-write and re-structure their business model.


This required more than just a re-design. Wellways needed a partner that understood not just the magnitude of the changes to the system, but the nuanced and sensitive complexity of the mental health landscape. And what a new system would mean for the people whose lives are directly affected by it.

So we started by talking. To Wellways staff, volunteers and to those whose lives have been affected by the incredible work Wellways do. We asked about their concerns, about their journeys, about their needs.

We used these real user insights to help anyone coming to the site to easily self-qualify and begin a self-guided journey through tailored content pages and to services that are appropriate to their situation. This was achieved through a new content structure, revised tone of voice and a complex back-end build that could handle the cross-organisational considerations and the legislative restrictions.

Every page of the Wellways website has clear next steps so users could always see light at the end of the tunnel.

  • A clean, intuitive IA

    Every next step had to be easy to follow and information had to be easy to find. So we audited, re-structured, and re-organised the content to create an intuitive and logical IA.

  • An easy-to-understand tone of voice

    Wellways’ change in business model meant a complete content restructure and an updated tone of voice. We developed a calm, easy to understand, and supportive tone that tackles sensitive topics and simplifies complex issues.

  • A flexible, collaborative process

    At every step of the way, we worked closely with Wellways and stakeholders to ensure that every decision made, word written and image chosen worked hard to support the user.

An accessible design

Keeping consistent with new IA and tone of voice we created, the Wellways branding and design also had to master the balance between corporate professionalism and the warmth and understanding needed in the mental health landscape.