Social Media.

We know there is more to digital communication than just websites.

That’s why we’re big believers in the power of social media. The web is wide, and it’s easy for your message to get lost in the noise. But with social, you have a platform that allows you to be seen by the people that matter most: your customers.

And it all starts with content. Content that is clear, relevant and engaging will start a conversation and build lasting relationships with your customers. We know how to create this type of content for all social media platforms — in fact, we do it all the time. We work with our clients to help them speak to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

The work.

HBF health

HBF Health is HBF’s dedicated healthcare Facebook page. This page provides HBF’s community with health tips, nutrition advice, sporting news and information about their exercise initiative, HBF Fitness. The page has over 13,000 likes and a high level of audience engagement.

To allow HBF to manage the Facebook page effectively themselves, Tundra developed social templates, tools, and a style guide specifically for HBF Health. This guide defines the tone that should be employed when creating assets and when moderators are communicating with customers through social media. It also guides the style of imagery and designs used on the page.

Bakers Delight ‘Hot Cross Puns’

Bakers Delight was looking to drive engagement around hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter, and invited a number of social agencies to present their ideas. Our pitch-winning concept combined the brand’s distinctive voice with a simple but irresistible entry mechanic. And the whole thing was powered by puns.

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HBF Run for a Reason

HBF’s Run for a Reason is an annual fundraising event that encourages the people of Perth to pick a reason to run, jog or walk a 4km or 12km course. This year’s event attracted 30,000 people to the run and raised over $1.4 million for charity. In the 2-3 months leading up the May event, HBF ran a social campaign across Facebook and Twitter designed to encourage fans to sign up and fundraise for the event.

Tundra developed a copy and visual style guide for HBF. This defined the tone of voice of social posts, and what imagery should be used in what context. Leading up to the race, Tundra developed 5-10 assets per week, including motivational quotes, helpful tips and practical information about event day. These were then posted on both platforms, including to over 17,000 fans on Facebook.

Kathmandu Teva

Kathmandu is a leading international travel and adventure retailer with over one hundred stores in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Their community is diverse, and it’s important for Kathmandu to develop campaigns targeted to specific interest markets. To engage the hiking and walking community, Kathmandu ran a Teva shoes competition, giving away two pairs of hiking shoes each day.

The competition was integrated into Kathmandu’s Facebook page, and required entrants to send in a photo of their worn-out hiking shoes. This entry technique proved highly engaging, with hundreds of entries submitted and shared on entrants’ Facebook accounts.

Hyatt In a Hyatt World competition

Hyatt is a major operator of hotels, with over 500 properties worldwide. To coincide with Christmas 2013, the chain launched a social competition to ‘win your Hyatt wish’. Entrants had to share their wish through Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #InAHyattWorld. They could also enter through a standard entry form on the Hyatt site.

The software did all the work for the user, making it easy for them to enter the competition — and hundreds did. The content was extremely shareable, and this was the reason for high engagement with the competition and its ultimate success.

To promote the competition, Tundra produced a short video that showcased Hyatt hotels and encouraged fans to get creative with their entries. A custom moderation tool was also implemented to make managing entries easy. All entries were displayed on the competition page, and this resulted in hundreds of fans entering across all platforms.

HBF Amazing Footy Moments campaign

HBF is Western Australia’s largest provider of healthcare. As part of their ongoing sponsor relationship with the Fremantle Football Club, HBF ran a social support campaign in the lead-up to the 2014 AFL Finals Series.

Kathmandu Share your adventure competition

Kathmandu’s community loves adventure. As a way of capturing their sense of adventure in association with the brand, Kathmandu ran a ‘Share your adventure’ competition through Facebook. Using third-party facial recognition software, Tundra automatically scanned an entrant’s Facebook photo albums, captured their face, and then inserted it into an extreme adventure mock photo. The entrant would then have to share this photo on their news feed in order to enter the competition.