Origin. Smart Energy Manager.

How we translated live streams of raw data into
information that helped customers save money.

About the project.

With the rollout of household Smart Meters, Origin went from taking energy readings every three months to recording usage every 15 minutes. This generated a huge amount of raw data, which needed translating to make it useful for customers.

Our developers worked with Origin’s SAP team to build and deploy a front-end interface that allowed people to view their energy consumption live and interact with it in useful ways. Now they could see projected bill amounts, set targets, receive personalised insights, and more.

Giving customers the tools to view and manage their own energy usage puts more control in their hands, which is a fundamental principle of a good customer experience. Ultimately it lets them find ways to save money, and reduces bill shock. It also increases transparency around billing, which builds brand trust.

Origin Smart is a groundbreaking new web portal that gives control to consumers, allowing them to see how much energy they are using and predict the cost of future bills.

It also provides line of sight into the impact of energy efficiency activities in the home, for the first time providing consumers with the tools to manage their bills”

Frank Calabria
CEO – Energy Markets, Origin

  • Speed
    to market

    We delivered a highly complex project under tight time constraints, largely dictated by competitor activity.

  • From data to
    meaningful content

    We worked onsite with Origin’s SAP team to build an interface that put the control into customers’ hands.

  • Complex
    made simple

    Our solution was driven by customer needs, which challenged us to find elegant solutions to complex problems.

Key features.

Predict your bill

Customers can see how much they’ve spent to date, and get an estimate of their next bill.

Set a bill target

This lets customers set a dollar amount as a target, then track their progress towards it.

View your electricity history

People can click a History tab to see how much energy they’re using each day, month or year.


See solar

Customers can see how much solar energy they’ve generated and how much they’ve fed back into the grid.

Personalised insights

Energy efficiency tips and personalised insights based on a customer’s usage profile.