Origin. 5 Ways Minisite.

How we created a simplified signup process that’s serving
as a model throughout the business.

About the project.

As part of an integrated advertising campaign called ‘5 Ways’, we redesigned an application process that greatly improved the customer experience. The principles we employed have since been adopted by Origin, and are being rolled out across a number of key projects, including the primary signup process.

Our approach centred on simplifying the experience, which included removing unnecessary content and getting as much as possible onto single page. We considered the customer’s state of mind at each point, and addressed key points of uncertainty. For example, the existing form asked people to enter their address and then click to a new screen straight away to see their quote. Many people worried this would lock them in. So we made sure there were other questions below the address form on the screen. That way, they could click the button to update their quote and feel confident the process wasn’t finished, because there were still questions to answer on the page.

By focusing on customer needs, we created a process that was easy and comfortable to undertake, with lower friction and uncertainty for users. After these changes were introduced, Origin saw a significant increase in conversions for this process.

  • Strong focus on

    We introduced simple but critical user experience (UX) changes to reduce unnecessary friction, build customer confidence and increase completion rates.

  • Simplified
    signup process

    Being selective about what information we asked for up front enabled us to reduce a complex application process to a single page.

  • Needs-based

    With a strategy based on customer needs, we were able to demonstrate how simplifying a complex process can have a dramatic effect on conversions.