Officeworks. Responsive website.

How we created a seamlessly responsive digital presence for Australia’s largest stationery supplier.

About the project.

Officeworks is Australia’s largest supplier of office and stationery products. Their desktop and mobile sites had obvious inconsistencies, with their adaptive mobile site missing a lot of content. So we combined them into a refreshed, fully-responsive site that looks beautiful and works seamlessly on any device, screen size and operating system.

The challenge

We were faced with the challenge of redesigning without being able to completely rework the UX. So updates needed to be subtle enough to not disrupt the site’s established workflow, but smart enough to enhance user engagement.

The solution

Through a bespoke and collaborative approach, we worked with Officeworks’ in-house teams and rethought, redesigned and built a responsive site. This included developing a component-based UI Kit with a long-term focus, that would allow for a more efficient way of working.

UI Kit

The UI Kit we developed was crucial to the site build. Once developed, the UI Kit informed every decision we made from wireframing to project delivery. It also ensured consistency and smooth process from design to front end development.

Heat-mapping benefits

Having access to Officeworks’ heat-mapping data gave us intensive insight into how customers wanted to use the site, as we could see where they were clicking. This allowed us to take justified risks and create a user-friendly redesign that improved the way people were already using the site without disrupting their experience.

One epic mobile menu

Our menu solution is completely unique in design and it’s seamless usability. Their mobile menu needed to be jam-packed and able to handle a huge amount of information. Usually the jump-to solution is “put it in a Hamburger Menu”. So we sketched, wireframed, prototyped, sketched again and finally nailed it.

The mobile menu handles 152 links that users can search multiple variations of, get four categories deep and be able to get back to the main menu in a single click.  A small feature, yet one of our biggest challenges and most exciting outcomes.