Officeworks Ink & Toner. Custom app.

We built an app to improve a process and help customers save time.

About the project.

The Ink & Toner app we designed and built for Officeworks enables customers to quickly and easily find the right ink for their printer cartridge and check if and where it’s in stock.

Previously Officeworks had a piece-of-paper process in-store that customers often found difficult to understand and were constantly asking staff for help. With a sleek, fast and easy-to-use design, we eliminated the complications and increased customer self-sufficiency.

  • Customer-focused architecture

    By restructuring Officeworks’ data to make it appear simple and look good, we significantly improved user experience.

  • From data to meaningful content

    We worked with the Officeworks team and API system to build an interface that put control in the customers’ hands.

  • Complex made simple

    Customer needs and frustration with the old paper-process, challenged us to find an elegant solution.

Select brand, series, model

If customers don’t know their cartridge ID, they’ll go through a simple, step-by-step process to find out which ink is right for them.

Offers an online purchase link

This lets the customer enter their details to easily purchase the product online.

Google Maps integration

The customer can view where the product is in stock. This integrates with Google Maps so they can locate the best store for them.