NikeWomen. Live activation & app.

How we inspired more than 200 girls to complete 4618 push-ups on a NikeWomen road trip.

About the project.

To promote the release of their latest Metcon women’s training shoes, Nike enlisted six of Australia’s best female athletes to motivate women on a 10-day road trip down the east coast. Travelling in a Metcon-branded, double-trailer Mack truck fitted with a custom gym, Nike invited members of the public to sweat it out at epic workouts, at every stop along the way.

Our challenge was to create an elevated, digital experience inside the truck. So we created a dedicated workout station where participants could compete to beat targets set by Nike’s elite athletes.

What we did.

We designed and built a custom app that required three interfaces and three separate pieces of hardware to talk to each other seamlessly.

An iPad acted as a kiosk for the participant to choose which athlete they wanted to challenge and whether it be in burpees or push-ups.

Participants then had 60 seconds to push their limits to try to beat the elite athletes, while a Nike trainer helped motivate them, counting each rep. Each tap of the screen sent the data to our iPhone app.

The big screen TV broadcast each rep in real-time to the nearby audience.

How we did it.

We used Socket.IO to synchronise the three devices. Along with real-time communication, the apps also needed to share a lot of data. So we chose to build them in React Redux to allow states to be passed around without complication.

We programmed everything to be automated. Once the laptop was turned on at each stop along the road trip, it booted the correct account, ran our node server and displayed full-screen on the TV. The iPad and iPhone both automatically connected to the modem, which meant that all three devices were up and running in no time, with no user input.

While it all sounds tech-heavy, the technology was invisible to the participants and the staff running the show. Integrated into their training experience, we worked hard behind the scenes so all they had to do was sweat.