NikeWomen. Live activation.

How we motivated over 2000 girls to run 21K.

About the project.

The goal was to create a motivational journey for women taking part in Nike’s women’s half marathon.

An Australian first. Our challenge was to create a digital experience that translated to real life too. Through curated and personalised videos sent pre and post run, use of advanced RFID technology, dynamic visual and audio installations on-the-day, we carried the girls from their nerve-ridden bedrooms, around ANZ Stadium, and across the finish line to victory.

A motivational wake up

At 5.30am on race day, each runner was texted a
personalised motivational video to get her out of bed,
in the zone and excited for the start line.

On-course atmosphere

To harness the history of the iconic Olympic location,
at both the start and nearing finish lines, we inspired the
girls with roaring audio and visuals.

Getting personal with RFID

We placed RFID readers on-course, allowing the running coaches
to identify every runner through a web app on their phones.
The app revealed each girl’s name and their personal goal
so the coach could help every runner push through and finish.

Post-race personalisation

During the race, we captured and edited an 18-second race highlight video that was personalised with footage of each runner crossing the finish line. That’s almost 2,000 unique videos edited, rendered and delivered within hours of the race finishing.

  • 4,000 personalised videos delivered

  • 13,000 video views

    Video views

  • Average dwell time of almost 4 minutes