Nike Air House. Live activations & campaign storytelling.

How we used Augmented Reality to make the invisible visible atop iconic Curtin House.

About the project.

Every March, Nike’s Air Max celebrations get bigger and bolder – taking Air to new heights. 2018 was extra.

To launch the Air Max 270, Nike transformed the iconic rooftop bar at Melbourne’s Curtin House into Air House – a day and night celebration drawing the country’s most avid Air Max fans for the ultimate tribute.

With a program of design workshops, curated food and drink experiences and an exclusive music gig, our task was to inject a magical digital touch, taking inspiration from the 270 manifesto: Making The Invisible Visible.

  • What we did.

    With a community of diehard loyalists and passionate collectors who had flown from around the country to attend, we wanted to ensure Nike was there to greet them personally, the moment they stepped foot in Air House.

    And so 24 hours before the event, we sent every attendee a digital ticket via SMS. When punters arrived at Curtin House, this ticket was scanned via a custom app built with Node.js and webSockets – automatically triggering a personalised video to play on a digital installation located at the entrance, welcoming each attendee ­– one by one and by name – to Air House.

    This moment of surprise and joy set the tone for the discovery to come.

  • When punters had climbed the Curtin House stairs all the way to the rooftop, we automatically triggered a second SMS directing them to a webpage where they were invited to Unlock More Air.

    Across the venue, we installed a series of AugmentedAir signs – each containing a different animated Air object for punters to discover with Augmented Reality. By inviting guests to hold their phone up to these signs which acted as a trigger for the Augmented Reality experience, we were able to Make The Invisible Visible by adding animated 3D graphics over people’s perception of the real world. We sent Air Max milk jugs floating above the Melbourne skyline; we inflated the signature Air Unit lifted from the AIR 270 silhouette; we pumped up an AIR 270 logo made of shiny balloons; and cheekiest of all – we unleashed the Air Max rabbit to run rings around the rooftop fence.

With no app download required, attendees were able to discover and unlock these objects simply by opening our custom webpage and pointing their phone to the AugmentedAir signs to experience Air like they never had before.

The Results
  • 570 event attendees

  • 283 unique users

  • 471 unique sessions

  • 3,014 page views

  • 7+ minutes avg session duration

  • 392 photos taken

Bringing the magic online. 

To further support the 270 launch, Nike once again looked to us to concept, design and develop a takeover for the Hype DC home page.

Rather than focusing on the obvious components of a website, we took our cues from the early-internet-inspired campaign graphics and injected glimpses of Nike where it wasn’t expected: we disrupted the navigation bar background with floating milk jugs, we sent the Air Max rabbit racing across carousels, and we brought the product pages to life with animations that showed off every element of the shoe, doing justice to the imaginative spirit of the campaign.