Kathmandu. Site redesign and rebuild in Magento.

How we helped Kathmandu’s online
sales grow by 55% in one year.

About the project.

Kathmandu had an underperforming eCommerce site with a number of critical integration issues, particularly around fulfillment and database management. The site had been built on a custom platform, which was limited in terms of scalability and preventing growth. All this added up to a great opportunity to improve things.

  • Direct online sales lift following inception

  • Increases in traffic, organic search and time on site

  • Accounted online sales 2012-13 FY

We started by rebuilding the site in Magento, which is a secure, open source eCommerce platform supported by thousands of developers around the world. In contrast with the existing custom platform, which was supported by a single team, this was a big improvement. We delivered a site that was faster, easier to use, and better integrated. Best of all, we improved the customer experience significantly, with UX improvements including better product display, infinite scrolling and one-page checkout.

We launched the new site in late 2012, and at the end of the 2012/13 financial year Kathmandu reported an increase in online sales of 55%. That same year, they also posted a record profit of $44.2m, up 22.6% on the year before. An amazing result. And while we probably can’t take all the credit, we’re confident that our work had a part to play.

How we did it.

One-page checkout

We reduced a complex checkout process to a single page, reducing friction at the most critical point of conversion. This resulted in a dramatic increase in sales.


Increased speed, increased conversions

Our developers improved data caching on both desktop and mobile versions of the site, creating a faster site that led to measurably increased conversions.

Topic based pages

We could see that people often bought things in combination for a specific purpose, like camping, so we created topic based pages to cross-sell.


Infinite scroll

Analytics showed people didn’t like clicking through multiple screens of product, so we put everything on one page. A simple solution, but highly effective.

Products in every colour

People purchase by colour, not just product. So we introduced every colour as a separate product category and displayed them all.