Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa. Social media strategy.

We helped Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa share their stories through social media.

About the project.

We were approached by The Nature Conservancy to develop a social media strategy for Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ). KJ is a Martu organisation founded to support Martu to look after culture and country, create pathways for young Martu and help build sustainable communities.

KJ delivers very important programs, including a ranger program that employs over 300 young Martu and elders to look after the land by combining traditional practices and knowledge with modern technology. KJ’s programs have yielded huge positive social, economic and environmental results, and some incredible success stories that KJ want to share across their social media channels.

This project offered an opportunity to help KJ craft their storytelling and share positive stories about the incredible, ground-breaking work Martu are doing in both their communities and for the country.

The challenge.

KJ has a vast archive of stories and images collected over the past 10 years. So we looked for ways to help the time-poor social media team identify and write high-impact stories in short, engaging bursts that would help spread news of the work while fostering and engaging the Martu community positively.

The solution.

  • Content audit and research phase

    Researching information about cultural practices, learning stories about real people and searching through beautiful photos that celebrate the land, were just some of the tasks performed to help us understand the breadth of stories KJ have to tell. This research helped us create content pillars and identify and catalogue the types of stories KJ can tell to create maximum cut-through.

  • An authentic storytelling strategy

    Our social media strategy had to consider how to tell stories to multiple audiences across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, all while remaining authentic to KJ’s values, voice and the complexities of Martu culture.

    The result was a guide to storytelling and social media best practice, a three-month content calendar and examples of cross-pillar and cross-channel content to help KJ share their amazing stories.