Friendlies Pharmacy. New site design and development.

How we refreshed the Friendlies website to reflect the friendly nature of the brand.

About the project.

Friendlies Pharmacy is one of WA’s leading community pharmacy brands, providing professional health services and advice to locals. With new service offerings and a strengthened relationship with health insurer HBF, Friendlies needed a new website that was easy to use and reflected their brand: simple, helpful and — most importantly — friendly.

Our customer-driven solution simplified the user journey, allowing customers to view services and promotions, and continue to find their nearest pharmacy. From here they can easily book an appointment, contact the pharmacy or get the information they need to head in-store. With a new look and feel, the site looks great and reflects the warm, personable, supportive nature that the Friendlies brand embodies

How we did it.

Simple customer experience

The services that Friendlies Pharmacy offers aren’t complicated, so the customer experience didn’t need to be either. The new, simple user journey helps customers get where they want to go in just a few steps — whether that’s booking an appointment or getting the location of their nearest store.

New look and feel

Friendlies is an established WA business, so the new design needed to retain their familiar brand identity, while giving the website a much-needed refresh. The new look and feel keeps elements of the old design, but gives it new life with a clear, approachable design that is more closely aligned with their brand