Bakers Delight. 'Hot Cross Puns' Facebook competition.

How we used dad jokes to get people talking about hot cross buns.

About the project.

Bakers Delight was looking to drive engagement around hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter, and invited a number of social agencies to present their ideas. Our pitch-winning concept combined the brand’s distinctive voice with a simple but irresistible entry mechanic. And the whole thing was powered by puns.

How it worked.

The Bakers Delight brand voice is warm and friendly, and humour is a huge part of what makes them so likeable. We decided to tap into the dad jokes to engage Bakers Delight’s 228,000 Facebook followers, and get them excited about hot cross buns in the lead up to Easter.

We launched the Hot Cross Puns competition with a couple of choice puns, beautifully illustrated by our in-house designers, then invited people to submit their own to win the $100 weekly prize. Each round featured a different keyword, and to enter people had to post a pun using that keyword in comments.

Competition was fierce, with rounds consistently receiving 500+ entries in the first 6 hours. Once a winner was chosen, in addition to a very tasty prize voucher, they got to see their comedy genius rendered as an original piece of artwork, posted to the official Bakers Delight Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

Why it worked.

Engaging original concept

As a brand posting to people’s social media feeds, we were in the mix with cat memes, photos of people’s lunch and birthday announcements. So we kept things light, and used humour to engage.

 Low barrier to entry

When it comes to getting people to do stuff, easier is better. So we used an entry mechanic that was as simple as posting in comments. And as everyone knows, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come up with a great pun.

Highly shareable

For people to share branded content on social media, it has to be entertaining, interesting or shocking. Anything but boring. And certainly no straight brand messages, which is why humour works well.

 Original content

In an environment where it’s easier to repost someone else’s content than create your own, good original work commands more attention. Particularly when that original content features the likes of Marylin Bunroe.

Great payoff

Although the prize was relatively small, a voucher for $100, the winner also got to see their pun rendered as a beautiful illustration, complete with cute hot cross bun characters. This instant fame proved a great incentive.