Bakers Delight. Social media content.

How we used dad jokes and bread puns to get inside the heads of the Bakers Delight audience.

About the project.

We were presented with an open brief to engage the Bakers Delight audience. The only rule was the idea needed to give a strong nod toward their products.

Inspired by our successful Hot Cross Puns Campaign, we created three personality quizzes to live on the Bakers Delight Facebook page. The personality quizzes channeled the cult-following of jaffles and toasties, rallying the two up against each other in a light-hearted humorous way. They forced people to look inside themselves and connect with the brand on a new level.

How it worked.

On Facebook, we asked users, “Are you a Jaffle or a Toastie”, “Sweet or Savoury”, “Classic or Gourmet?” and then lead them through five questions to help them find their personality.


At the end of each quiz, each personality type had an accompanying illustration and a mouth-watering Jaffle or Toastie recipe to match. Users were invited to share their results and visit our Ultimate Guide to Jaffles and Toasties. Here we heroed the perfect Bakers Delight breads to use and the best tips to make them.


Why it worked.

  • Easy engagement

    Each quiz was accessible from a quick Facebook link. They were funny, light-hearted and took less than one-minute to complete.

  • Original, shareable content

    We know on social media, reposting content is a lot easier than creating your own. We also know how loyal the Bakers Delight audience are so we gave them good, original content to get involved with in just a couple of simple clicks.

  • Light-hearted humour

    From illustration style to tone of voice, the personality quizzes were cute, light-hearted and humorous. They didn’t take their audience too seriously and they walked the fine line between branded content and shareable fun.