Australia Post ORIAS. Digital strategy & social engagement.

How we built a simple online game to give Australia Post’s merchant and consumer base a unique brand experience.

About the project.

If you’re in the eCommerce game, you’ll know that The Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS) are the awards to win if innovation, hard work and outstanding customer experiences matter to your business.

Every year, Australia Post partners with the ORIAS to sponsor one of its most prestigious categories: the People’s Choice Awards, voted for by Australia’s toughest critics – consumers.

For the 2018 awards, Australia Post came to us with the challenge to increase consumer votes by 20% and merchant engagement by 45%. To get anywhere near these high goals, we knew that the standard gift voucher incentive offered in previous years wouldn’t cut it.

What we did.

We needed to create a simple interaction with the Australia Post brand that would leave lasting positivity, and so we asked: what would a truly fun online shopping experience look like, and how can we use this to engage competing merchants and their loyal consumer base?

Our solution?  To tap into peoples’ wildest dreams of having free rein in a shopping centre, with nothing but an empty trolley to fill.

And so we brought a classic gameshow into the digital era in the form of an online shopping spree, where one lucky winner would have just 60 seconds to ‘shop’ over 100 prizes across travel, tech, and homewares, to a value of up to $10,000.

How we did it.

To give everyone a taste of the game, we created a ‘training’ version, which was unlocked to consumers upon casting their vote and entering the prize draw.

The game was designed to reflect a typical eCommerce experience, with modals to find out more about each prize, a shopping cart to review and swap prizes, and a countdown to pile on the pressure.

If the player tried to add an item that pushed them over the $10k limit, they were prompted to remove an item from their cart first – meaning that managing time and cart value was key to the player coming away with their favourite prizes.

The social intrigue and engagement created by the training game was immediate, with consumers using the Australia Post Facebook page to share player tips, prize dreams and results, and all crossing their fingers for their name to be drawn to play the ultimate 60 seconds.

  • Consumer votes

    60% increase on 2017

  • Consumer votes

    31% above 2018 target

  • Merchant registrations

    42% increase on 2017

  • A new challenge for 2019.

    For the return of the ORIAS in 2019, Australia Post came to us with even bolder ambitions – to revamp the 60-Second Shopping Spree, tie it into their brand campaign ‘Everyone Matters’, and boost votes and registrations further.

    Our challenge was to refresh the campaign without compromising the recognition and awareness generated in 2018. To achieve this, we created a new look and feel that felt fresh yet retained the campaign’s core visuals. We also crafted the content of our 2018 spree winner into engaging and impactful social video ads for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

    In line with Australia Post’s inclusive, people-focused brand positioning, we made one small but significant change to the spree gameplay. The user could choose to donate a portion of their spree fund to charity in return for 10 seconds of extra shopping time.

  • Consumer votes

    41% increase on 2018

  • Consumer votes

    29% above 2019 target

  • Merchant registrations

    11% increase on 2018