Armaguard. Website redevelopment.

How we brought five company websites together to create one integrated experience.

About the project.

The Armaguard Group is the industry leader in secure currency transport, technology and system maintenance. Comprising of five companies across Australia, New Zealand and the UAE, the group needed a digital presence that better reflected their specialist services and broad international offering in 20 countries.

Each of the five sites were completely standalone and showed no signs of a group company presence. So we decided to bring them all together onto one CMS, creating a central platform for the Armaguard Group. With an updated responsive design and a global navigation, the site is completely refreshed and offers a simpler user experience. Customers and stakeholders are now immediately aware of the five companies within the Armaguard Group, and can switch between each of the sites with ease.

How we did it.

Intuitive user journeys

We restructured the site’s IA and UX into a logical user journey, making service and product information easier for customers to find.

Service categories

We introduced solution-based categories on each of the five sites to better reflect the services Armaguard provides and drive specific service enquiries.

Seamless navigation between companies

A new global navigation not only highlights Armaguard’s knowledge sharing and close working relationship between their five companies, but provides customers with a credible, trustworthy brand experience.

A brand-new brand voice

We developed a new tone of voice and digital copy style to better reflect Armaguard as a progressive company. It’s professional, exact, genuine and trustworthy, but also approachable for those who are new to Armaguard’s services.

Multi-lingual site services

Visitors to Armaguard Valuables Management UAE can choose to view the site in Arabic or English, providing a better user experience for customers.

Scalable CMS

Our development team chose to re-platform Armaguard’s five sites on Drupal. This makes content much easier to manage, and ensures a CMS that is powerful, flexible and scalable enough to grow and evolve as Armaguard does.