Adidas Originals. Interactive microsite.

How we helped Adidas Originals celebrate their 60th birthday in the digital space.

About this project.

Over the years, the three stripes of adidas Originals have made waves. They’ve transformed contemporary executions into iconic designs. To celebrate this on their 60th birthday, we teamed up with VICE to create one big digital celebration.

The goal was to build an interactive costume party, executed digitally so Adidas fans all around the world could get into the three stripe spirit.

What we did.

We set up a real-life party scene and shot photos of the party space and people dressed up in costumes. Then we uploaded all of the images to the party microsite. Costumed torsos and legs were uploaded separately so users could have fun and freedom creating their Adi-tar.

The party microsite encouraged Adidas fans to invite friends, to dress up as their alter-ego, move through different party rooms and let their hair down – all in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Why it worked.

It was a simple idea, crafted with light-hearted humour that tapped into people’s FOMO with a seamless and fun execution.