Content & Social media.

There’s a lot happening online, all the time. It’s like Times Square times ten. And it’s no longer enough to just put your message out there and hope the right people read it. After all, you’re competing with LOL cats, dance memes and celebrity tweets. To even get noticed, your social media content needs to be relevant, useful and incredibly clear. It also needs to be planned and structured for the way people consume content online. Our content team will take your message and make it speak to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.

  • Content strategy

    Establishing content requirements for a project based on communications objectives. Includes content rationale, messaging structure and copy points.

  • Copywriting

    Writing and editing of content for any digital medium. Includes long and short form copy, language for interaction elements, video scripts, articles and social posts.

  • Social media

    Social media strategy and content creation for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, with a focus on cut-through, shareability and message relevancy.

  • Community management

    Implementing social strategy in co-ordination with design team and stakeholders. Generating compelling content, moderating and managing community engagement.

  • Brand and style guides

    Consultative development of brand guidelines, voice and tone guides and style guides. Focus on producing practical documents your staff can actually use.

  • Video content

    Creating videos of any length for animated, motion graphic, or live action digital content. Includes scripts, storyboards, direction and production management.