Mid-senior front end developer.

As Tundra’s new senior front end developer, your biggest problem will be having more freedom than you know what to do with. Your second biggest problem will be living with the regret of not working here sooner.

With great freedom comes great responsibility. If you love having your hand-held, sitting at your desk patiently awaiting instructions that somebody else thought up for you to execute, you will really hate working here. However, if you love identifying and solving problems without anyone telling you “how” to do it, you will really enjoy working here.

At Tundra, you will be surrounded by a group of smart creatives who love coming into the studio each day to work on solving hard problems for interesting projects. Because of this, we might seem a bit alien from lots of the people you’re probably used to working with; unlike them, we do not like wasting time in pointless meetings, we do not hire people less competent than ourselves and we do not believe signalling that work is being done should be recognised as a better strategy for career advancement than actually doing the work.

We’re looking for someone who has experience as a mid-senior front end developer; but also somebody who loves to lead, mentor and learn from other developers in the team. We do not take great developers and force them to stop coding to become average leaders. Instead, we take great developers and let them continue being great developers. We believe that leaders should be involved in the day-to-day work in order to make good decisions about what they and their fellow developers are doing.

If you decide to join Tundra as a developer, you’ll be working with a bunch of very down to earth and cool developers (of all kinds) who like using nice things like: Node.js, Vue.js, Docker, Contentful, Netlify, Static Site Generators, Craft CMS, Cloud Functions, Firebase, AWS, Figma and much, much more!

Unlike in many companies with tech leads who set the “approved technologies” 10 years ago (MooTools?) and won’t touch let you use new things, you’ll be able to learn and experiment with whatever new technologies, tools or frameworks that you’re interested in. Everyone here has different interests/specialities that they narrowly focus on (amongst a broad skill set), so there’s always someone to reach out to for anything you’re a bit unsure about.

You’ll also be able to bond with us over your horror stories of working on projects that used: Salesforce, Magento, Drupal, Sitecore, AEM or Salesforce. So many flashbacks… that’s why we don’t take on projects that will make our developers want to play in traffic.

If you’re still undecided, we’re also looking for somebody who really understands and appreciates good design (and building design systems), accessibility and user experience. If these things interest you, but you can never find anywhere else that takes them as seriously as you do, Tundra is probably a place you will be able to call home.

We don’t want to waste your time (or our own), so we have designed a simple process that won’t drag on for weeks while you tentatively turn down (or accept) any of the other agencies you might be talking to. Unlike them, we believe in love at first sight, not twenty-first sight.

Here are the 5 things that happen for a successful hire after you send us your application:

  1. We have trained our office chimpanzee, Dennis, to review all applications and throw any “SEO expert” applications into the garbage and keep the rest.
  2. If your application looks good, you will be contacted by our office human, Emily, who will invite you to come into Tundra’s neat converted warehouse studio in Collingwood for an interview with 2 of our finest developers.
  3. If both of our developers have fallen in love with you by the end of your chat together, you will be sent a short test to send back to us the next day.
  4. If you passed the (literal) test, we’ll bring you in for a final interview with the leader of the team you’ll be working with.
  5. If the team lead gives you the final “okay”, you will be offered a position of mid-senior front end developer on the team on the same day.

If you think that you’re the hero our agency needs, but not the one it deserves, Dennis would love to review your application as soon as you’re ready to make the best decision of your life.

Love and careless whispers,

<3 Tundra

How to apply 

Email work@tundra.com.au and make sure you attach your CV, examples of previous work, and anything else that’ll help us get to know you better.

Applications close as soon as we find the right person.